From Marcy

Subject: Custody

I recently obtained a legal joint custody plan with the father of my child. He was involved in an accident last year and sustained a traumatic brain injury and has had a seizure since. it is documented in the legal agreement that he is to never drive with the minor child and he is supposed to be supervised by his mother through Jan. 4, 2013. I have witnessed him drive her away and later switch driving with his mother in a nearby parking lot and his mother just recently told me herself she was not with him, that he and Callie went to a movie with a “friend”. also make note that his mother is the only documented driver. Callie has also come home and told me that her daddy left her overnight at his mother’s house.She has also come home dirty, complaining that her bottom hurt, and said that she had not had a bath at her daddy’s over a Fri-Sun visit. I also know for a fact that he used to be on anabolic steroids and it is possible he could still be on them, and he smokes in the vehicle with her. What could you do to help me prove that he is not looking out for the child’s best interest. Please send me an e-mail back. Thanks

Answer: Marcy, I will email you in the morning to discuss options that may work for you. Thank you for the opportunity.

From Rachel

Subject: Cell Phone Records

I want to know if it is possible to get cell phone records (calls and texts). My husband has a business phone through work. I simply want to know if what he is telling me is true. Also would like to know cost if possible.

Answer: Rachel thank you for your question. We get this question all the time on the phone ! There is no legal way for a Private Investigator to obtain phone records or text messages . The only true legal way to obtain such information it once you have filed a legal action against your spouse such as a “divorce” . Then you or your lawyer can issue a subpoena to obtain such records. I hope this answered your question . I would always consult with a attorney we are not lawyers or judges we are just telling you information from our experience. Thanks for your question.

From Elizabeth

Subject: Criminal History

Does your company have the ability to search and supply me with the criminal record of a particular person? If so how much would that cost?

Answer: Yes we have the ability to search for criminal records and supply you with such records if there and records to be found on the subject that is at question ! You can call us and we can give you a quote based on the information that you have given us.

From Amber

Subject: Child Custody

Do you do background checks and would I be able to get copies? My daughter is in an abusive home and I want her back? How much would it cost me and would I be able to make payments? The custodial parent has already overdosed and is exposing my child to even greater harm than that. I am trying to get her back I just need evidence.


Answer: Amber the answer is yes we can. I can give you information on my findings. Unfortunately, those records often contain proprietary information that we cannot disclose by law. However, we can give you information that would be useful to your case. By the use of surveillance we can prove or discount your concerns. The second part of that question is more complicated. We as PI's work much like attorney's. We normally would charge a retainer up front and work an hourly rate against that retainer. When that amount has been exhausted, we would decide if the evidence we obtained was significant for your case or continue to get more. That would be your choice.

From Greg

Subject: Is this something you would take?

I pay a ton of support to my ex. It is stipulated in the separation agreement that she will not “abuse alcohol” when she is or is about to care for our child. My son wishes to live with me anyway. She will get drunk, call him up at 11 pm where he has been home alone all evening and tell him she wont be home until the next morning. Even when she does come home, she gets off at 5 pm and doesn't get home till 9, 10…. My son is 12 years old now. Do you see any service you could offer that would make getting custody a slam dunk? I do work at a refinery and some nights, but at least i would see him every day (rather than be gone for 24 hours) and I wouldn’t be out drinking when I was gone. Further there is a neighbor where i live who said they would watch him at night when i worked. She knows him and is retired. Thanks

Answer: First let me say by hiring a PI,  you could get on video that she is drinking and never home with the child . This alone can modify a change in custody from my experience. So to answer your question its my belief and experience that obtaining evidence on your ex pertaining to the issues that you mention would be very beneficial to your case. I would always consult with a attorney of your choice in considering your options . We work with several attorney's that may be able to assist you as well.

From Izaak

Subject: Child Custody

I am a soldier currently deployed to Afghanistan. My wife and I are going through a divorce. Her and my son are still in Italy, where I was stationed before deploying, and will be going back stateside in the coming week. She has been neglecting my son, blowing my money on partying, and been witnessed with several other soldiers in the barracks. I am looking to have a PI get some solid evidence of her actions when she goes back stateside. I am also wanting to know if you do military discounts. Thank you.

Answer: Izaak, first let me say thank you for your service. Discounts are normally something we don't consider. However, in this case I would be honored to do what I can "Pro Bono". Please understand that this does require some hard work and does take time. While I will do everything I can to help you. I would also need to make time for other cases to pay the bills. Please call me when your available so we can discuss your needs and settle your concerns.

From Misha

Subject: Investigation

Hi! I’d like to know if you do ground work, such as follow certain people around to check for certain things? I’d like you to follow my boyfriend for a few days. He lives in university housing though. Is that possible? If yes, how much would that cost? Regards.

Answer: Yes we do conduct surveillance on people for investigative purposes!  And yes i do feel its possible. You can call us for a free consultation or make a appointment and come into our office to discuss your needs.