We are pleased to offer firearms training in Sugar Land, TX. Our instructors are certified on many and varied disciplines we are certified and licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety as level III & IV Classroom and Firearms Instructors. Please feel free to contact us for our firearms training to discuss your needs for personal protection or TXDPS authorized training for your security organization.

Texas DPS Certifications

Texas Tactical Firearms Instructors

Texas LTC Instructors

Level 2 Instructors - (NON-Commissioned Security Personnel)

Level 3 Instructors - (Commissioned Security Personnel)

Level 4 Instructors - (PPO/Bodyguard/Executive Protection)

TXDPS Level 2,3,4 personnel are available for your needs.

Texas Lic: C03040601 / Louisiana Lic: 9560-052419-LA / Florida Lic: A1300287

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