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As a Journalistic platform, a reporter is responsible for researching and writing informational news articles and stories about real events using a fair and unbiased perspective. Sadly, it appears that our current Mainstream venues are more attached to beholding to their advertisers opinions to content, than allowing for critical thinking and allowing the listener to draw their own individual conclusions based on verified and vetted facts.


While we do not necessarily perform the duties of of a conventional reporter for on the street perspectives, we scour other alternative news sources across several hundreds of sites to compile a wide array of information provided by those alternative sites.


It should be noted that these sources have provided valuable perspectives and truth in their reporting. We are getting into a time when the old guard type reporting has become unreliable. For this reason, we have created this platform to provide the truth of events past and present without regard to providing a narrative of any type. We believe our duties include interviewing experts, gathering first-hand accounts of events and organizing an outline into a cohesive and interesting story.

Therefore, we must be willing to report on stories that could adversely affect the powers that be. We will continue to expand our platform for this purpose based on viewership input.


This project is a result of investigations and research of current political climates and realizing that the situation was not being portrayed accurately from our current mainstream sources.