Private Security in Sugar Land, TX

We are a recognized leader in high end investigations and security services throughout North America. Our end to end services utilizes the latest technologies to provide our clients with the most comprehensive investigative and security solutions in the industry. Specializing in Legal, Enterprise, Financial and Cyber Investigations, we go beyond our customers’ expectations. Our investigations are conducted with the highest level of confidentiality. We pride ourselves in having the finest talent with unrivaled experience, work-ethic and dedication to serving our clients’ needs.

We are a Texas-based security and private investigations company. Our focus is providing our clients with integrity and the highest level of moral and ethical values. We are former, retired local, state, federal law enforcement agents and veteran private investigators.  We are also qualified as expert witnesses by the U.S. Federal Court.

Private Investigator for Hire in Sugar Land, TX
Private Investigator in Sugar Land, TX

Our backgrounds include IT, computer programming, smart buildings, security systems,  financial fraud, insurance fraud, criminal, cyber intelligence and ORC just to name a few. We are licensed in all states we operate in and have vetted affiliates across the country as well as Mexico and Canada. We bring integrity, experience and knowledge to each case, which shines through to you, our client. We are a vetted member of an exclusive consortium of licensed professional security and private investigation agencies.

Private Investigation Firm in Sugar Land, TX


Oregon Surveillance Network

Worldwide Intelligence Network

National Anti Organized Retail Crime Association

Texas Investigators Partnership

Florida Association of Licensed Investigators

California Association of Licensed Investigators


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